I decided to check out Android development and TimeBurner is the result of that exploration. TimeBurner is an app that helps you prioritize your free time. The intent of the app is to prevent you from focusing too much on one hobby. When you first open the app, you can see an "Add Task" button that allows you to add new tasks that you'd like to perform during your spare time.

After the button is clicked, a window pops up that requests you enter information about the task including a name, description, duration, and weight (how important the task is to you). For example, I could enter "Walk" in the name field, with "Go for a short walk down by the park" as a description, a duration of 1 hour, and a weight of 75 (max of 100).

You can keep adding tasks like this to the list with varying durations and weight, until eventually, you see a screen similar to the first image above. Once you are satisfied with the list of tasks you're ready to start using the application. The next time you have a block of free time, pull up the app and enter how long you have available into the max duration field. After the number is entered hit the refresh button. The list of available tasks will be filtered to just show the ones that can be performed in that time frame.

The top task is the one the application recommends you perform first. It chooses this task based on how important it is to you (weight), and how many other tasks you've performed since you did this one last. So, the lower a weight, the longer it takes to become a recommended task and vice versa. You can either choose to perform that task, or you can choose any one of the other tasks. Keep in mind that if you continue to avoid the top tasks, they will remain at the top of the list until you choose to perform them. Once you pick the task you want to perform, tap on it and a window will pop up with the information you entered about the task. From here you can choose to perform it, delete it, or cancel out of the window to return to the task list.

If you have any remaining time left after you perform the task, just update the max duration and refresh this list before selecting another task. Over time I'd suggest tweaking the weights a bit if a task is recommended too often or not enough. To do that you need to delete the task and recreate it with the new weight.

Click to download TimeBurner APK.