Don't Worry, I'm the Monster is a game inspired by my experiences sleepwalking. It's like a fever dream where the only way to wake up and escape is to fight strange monsters that aren't really there. You can download it for free at or Game Jolt.

I challenged myself to create a game front to back and release it as a commercial product. I wanted to see if I was capable of doing so while having a day job. DWITM is the result of this challenge. I hope it shows that persistence is the most important part of game development; that even 5-10 minutes a day can add up to something worthwhile over a long period.

The game was built using the impactJS JavaScript game engine and NW.js to package it as a desktop application. Some GIFs I created during development can be found at

The soundtrack was written and recorded by Mark Gavin.


  • Bite sized levels
  • Precision jumping
  • Combat
  • Some light puzzle elements